Brian Gleeson Property Services


Expert advice, tailored to your needs

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, our boutique agency will provide expert service to ensure that you get personalized attention and care.

If you are interested in acquiring a residential property we have homes of all types, to suit every budget. If you’re selling, our Property Sales team

provide comprehensive valuations, according to property type, whether it’s a family home or a buy-to-let residential property.

Our real estate agency has the local knowledge and the experience to ensure you get the most out of the property transaction, whether you’re a property buyer or a property seller.


Conduct your business in confidence, with confidence

Our commercial property division features properties of all types: office, retail, industrial and corporate. Whether you’re looking to purchase commercial property with a view to building a portfolio, or sell an ongoing concern, our licensed, professional real estate team is there to help you. We’ll position your property with a comprehensive valuation according to market value. We’ll consult with you, giving independent, trustworthy advice that has your best interests at heart.

We are transparent, licensed professional real estate agents, with an intimate knowledge of the commercial sales market. From valuation through negotiations to contract closing, our local knowledge and extensive customer base in Ireland and overseas brings the best value to our clients.

Land and Sites

Discretion, dedication and depth of knowledge

We deal with all sorts of land and sites, always with the utmost discretion, and dedication to the needs of our clients. Whether it’s agricultural land, a site for a dream home, or even a large property such as a farm, we have the deep-rooted knowledge that comes from two generations serving real estate clients in the Co Waterford area and beyond.

We represent buyers and sellers at all stages of the process. Our knowledge of the market enables us to advise on options available, and to assist with searches. We are skilled negotiators, adaptable and loyal to our clients. We listen to our clients, and tailor solutions to get them the best possible deal, whether we are buying land, or selling on their behalf.